Travel, Transport & Logistics

Travel, Transport & Logistics

Ensure your digital change is mobile, flexible and effective with kobaltblau.

Digitalisation enables new, fast-growing business models that have already led to fundamental transformations in the travel industry. Increasingly, internet portals occupy the interface with the customer and act as competitors to the services providers. At the same time, customer expectations are changing rapidly. Customers demand fast, all-encompassing, relevant and correct information via online channels before, during and after their journey.

Digitalisation also plays a central role in the logistics industry today. Whether dealing with delivery, delivery services for the last mile or solutions for worldwide transport services, hardly any other industry has had to reinvent itself as often as the logistics industry.

In light of this it is important to recognise and leverage new business opportunities. This requires processes, products and also the IT to support self-service capabilities, straight-through processes and sustainably high innovation speeds. However, this is not possible without extensive experience in IT architecture, organisational development, IT strategy and business process management. We have this experience and can shape the digital transformation together with you. Whether in the area of rail traffic, air, sea or land freight – we will accompany you reliably on your way into the digital world.

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