Retail, Food & Consumer Goods

Retail, Food & Consumer Goods

New business models for successful digital change.

Hardly any other sector of the economy has experienced such pressure to change in the course of digitization as the consumer goods sector. In recent years, purchasing behaviour has changed dramatically. Digital natives and start-ups have significantly transformed the value and supply chains. At the same time, the preferences of the so-called millennials are increasingly determining the future direction of the consumer goods industry, while the purchasing power and significance of the 60plus generation are increasing in equal measure.

Brick & mortar retailers in particular has have been struggling for years to survive against the major online retailers. Technology vendors promise to make the Digital Store a reality by using Intelligent Signage, NFC, Beacons, Tracing and IoT to deliver end-to-end Omnichannel strategies. At the same time, these technologies offer the opportunity to use Big Data Analytics to acquire new, valuable information and develop new business models along the value chain by collecting customer data.

Corporate IT is at the heart of all digitization efforts. We advise and support companies in the consumer goods industry from the design of IT and digitalization strategies, the development of agile IT organizations, the modelling of business and IT processes to the development of apps.

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