Digital Architecture & Application Strategy

Digital Architecture & Application Strategy

Deploying the right architecture to achieve success for your company

With the right digital architecture, you can prepare yourself optimally for the challenges of digitisation and provide your organisation with a key success factor for the optimisation of processes and the establishment of new business models. But is your application and technology landscape optimally aligned to the requirements of the business? Are you using the right technologies to be able to meet future requirements? Are you deriving the very best benefit for your business from the use of new technology such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence or Big Data? Is your EAM organisation prepared to support ‘2-SpeedIT’ in the digital age and focused by means of a business outcome-driven approach?

  • Business-driven architecture
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Application and platform strategy
  • Technology road mapping
  • System, platform and vendor selection /RfP
  • Agile architecture management
  • Development of innovative architectures
  • Support of digital transformation through innovation management and scenario modelling and impact analysis
  • Architecture health checks, launch and re-launch
  • Architecture strategy implementation and EAM governance best practices
  • Method and pattern for strategic IT planning
  • Transformation of the traditional EAM to support agile organisations ‘EAM goes agile’


Hubertus von de Fenn

Senior Manager

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